My small contribution to the world of DIY Synthesizers and Electronics

In the early/mid '70s I was heavily into electronics (thanks to a Philips Electronics kit given to me by my parents as a Christmas present in 1969) and synthesizers (largely due to being a huge fan of Keith Emerson). Everything seemed so new and exciting in the world of electronics (albeit a tad expensive for a 13 year old schoolboy!). I used to buy magazines like 'Practical Electronics', 'Electronics Today International' and 'Elektor'. There were some amazing projects to be built, the PE Minisonic 2, ETI 4600 (sold in kit form by Maplin Electronics), ETI Transcendent 2000 single board analogue synth and Elektors Formant modular synth to name but a few.

About thirty five years later in 2007 my interest was rekindled when I happened to browse into Ray Wilsons 'Music from Outer Space' site. On the following pages I have attempted to document my projects and hopefully encourage others to take the plunge and have a go at building their own analogue synthesizer or electronic project.

Ray Wilson - R.I.P

It was with great sadness that I learned of Ray's passing in July 2016. As I said in the paragraph above, it was his inspiration that got me back into the world of analog synthesizers. He was a true innovator when it came to synth DIY and I'm sure will be greatly missed by the community.
My thoughts go out to his family. Thanks for everything Ray.